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Louisiana Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
Our kitchen is the best of our 1 den apt. It's an amazing kitchen - big, open, large granite island - and really the only thing that keeps us here. The rest of the place is small with very little closet space for how much we pay. <br><br>The building is constantly cluttered with trash in the entryways, halls, elevators, and trash chute rooms. It is not uncommon to see trash bags outside the doors of apartments which is lazy and disgusting. <br><br>Parking is a joke. We have two parking permits (for two cars) - one for the garage and one for the lot. People with garage tags park in the lot all of the time. The lot is already crowded with cars with lot tags and guests. There have been too many occasions when I have been unable to find a parking spot in the lot of the building I live in because of guests and cars that should be parked underground. <br><br>Management has changed quite a bit since we moved in. They used to be friendly, helpful, and professional. Now they're inexperienced, clique-y (which is ridiculous for apt. building management but it's true), and unhelpful.<br><br>We resigned our lease last year but will not when it's up this summer. I cannot wait to move out of this place.
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Louisiana Oaks Apartments

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