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Chestnut Arms Apartments



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ttchopper • Resident 2007 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/04/2009
Where to begin. The heating system is lousy, you have no control over the ancient radiator system which spends all night, every night, loudly clunking away. When I moved in, the furnishings were ancient, the fridge was older than I am and the A/C unit could barely even start, let alone cool. The fridge worked decently for a while, but I asked for a new AC, I got a "new" one that looked like it'd been in use for a decade. It almost lasted an entire summer before completely dying on me. The fridge stopped working as well, they were prompt about replacing both, although with low quality goods that just barely get the job done. I'll be amazed if the AC, which they actually did buy new last summer lasts through this one, I looked it up online and had trouble finding a cheaper one. The stove didn't work for the first six months I was here, and now that it does, the top of the stove is always hot enough that it burns at a touch, whether the oven/stove are on or off. The plumbing is so bad, apparently my shower was flooding my downstairs neighbors bathroom through simple use. They had a maintenance guy come fix it some friday morning, I got back from work to find a note saying that he was out looking for a broken part. Turns out that the parts they were using are so old, no one makes them anymore. From there things went downhill, between their maintenance guy and the contractor who finally had to be called, they were able to get things hooked back up after 16 hours or so, I was dozing off by the time they were done. Since then, the shower pressure has dropped considerably, and the temperature is never consistent. At the moment, I can get about 3 minutes of normal water followed by 1 minute of scalding. Based on past experience with them, that's probably as good as I can get, and the fix they did left a hole around the shower nozzle which is quite unsightly. They are contracted with a towing company for the lot which is rated F by the Better Business Bureau, and has exhorbinant charges, even by the standards of the industry. Over $400.00 to get your car back, but for some reason or other building management is quite happy with that relationship. Make sure any problem you have is on a tuesday or thursday, otherwise you'll have to wait for any sort of assistance. They have limited hours those two days, and they do usually show up for them.
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Chestnut Arms Apartments

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