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Galtier Towers

172 East Sixth Street

Saint Paul, MN 55101



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rynesullivan • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2017
Do not live here unless you like being robbed, enjoy poor security, and love frequent maintenance. Everything seems great the first month, but after that expect the following. Apartment break-ins: We had several thousand dollars in electronics stolen and the property management was unable to help, since the building security is ran by a different company (The company that is "in charge" of building security owns the security cameras, not the property management). The apartments use traditional key locks, and the only measure of extra security they could provide us was changing the lock. Also there are no security cameras on the apartment floors or watching the fire escapes, so thieves can just take the stairs.. Building Security is Useless: Do not keep any valuables in your car or on the bike racks. Parking ramp is for both public and private use, so expect to see "non-tenants" in the basement. We had two bikes stolen out of the basement parking ramp. Additionally, my girlfriend had an encounter where a man was being pursued by security through the common area hallways and was scared to death she was going to be attacked. Only to find 10 minutes later that the building staff had lost the trespasser and had asked her if she had seen where he went. What they are really good at is clearing tenants from the common area after midnight, preventing more than 3 people in the hot tub at one time, and checking tenants for pool wrist bands. Frequent Building Maintenance and Utility shut offs: We have had at least 7 separate days in the last year when the entire building's water had to be turned off for repairs. We also have had building wide heating problems in the middle of winter. First week the pool was open it had to to be closed, since they found out it was leaking. Grills on the roof are electric and need to be replaced. Additionally, the parking garage basement security doors do not properly latch and can be pulled open with ease. (hint: Try the Jackson tower B2 door) Needless to say we will not be living at Galtier Towers for another year. Enjoy your stay..
Galtier Towers Manager01/13/2017

Hi Ryne, thank you for taking the time to complete a review. We are sorry you have not had a pleasant experience here at Galtier Towers. We strive to provide a comfortable and enjoyable home for our residents and will continue to work closely with building security when unfortunate incidents like these occur. We take your feedback very seriously and are always looking for ways to improve our customer service and how we do business. Please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss these issues further, or if there are any other ways we can assist you. Andrea C., Bigos Management

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Galtier Towers

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