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Majestic Cove Apartments



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Office Staff
SLourdes • Resident 2002 - 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2005
I wish there was a "maybe" recommend option.<br><br>We lived at the Majestic Cove apartments for two years. They were mostly nice and we had a decent experience. The apartment itself was pretty nice. It was very roomy and I loved the laundry room. In the winter the patio door frosted over and caused some water damage, and the kitchen counters seemed very cheap and would soak up every little stain. They were impossible to clean. The closet doors fell off the track all the time. Overall, though, any time we called about something needing to be fixed it was done in a timely manner.<br><br>One major complaint though, was the amount of times management entered our apartment. It seemed like every month or two was another "annual maintanence inspection." They claimed to be checking out the apartment for any future problems that might come up, but they never saw any of the things that were actually broken (like a running toilet, broken microwave handle, and the frosted patio door) The only thing that came of the inspections was a warning about having a windchime. <br><br>We had a corner unit, and it was very quiet. There was some noise from people upstairs, but nothing too terrible. <br><br>The parking lot was really bright and made it hard to sleep in our bedroom, even with the blinds drawn. <br><br>When we moved out the management was less than friendly during our walkthrough. She basically nitpicked everything and was pretty rude about the cleanliness of the apartment- even though it was really quite clean and we got most of our deposit back. So overall, it was okay, but dealings with management could have been better.
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Majestic Cove Apartments

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