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Mears Park Place

401 Sibley Street

Saint Paul, MN 55101



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2014
Thank you Gloria for your prompt, professional, courteous response. I look forward to the improvements to entering and exiting the building in the upcoming months. One side note on the stairwells I failed to mention in my previous post concerns Saturday evening s fire alarm (January 11th at 10pm). The concern among residents after they evacuated the building was how firefighters were supposed to get up the stairs. Asking the security guards to manually unlock stairwells in a state of emergency not only places an undue burden on them, it also puts their safety at risk. For security guards to be unlocking stairwells when people are moving in and out of Mears Park, and also unlocking them in emergency situations distracts them from the task of keeping the building secure. My inclination to post this was a combination of how I was treated in the leasing office last week and the emergency situation that occurred last Saturday night. I plan on reaching out to the City of St. Paul this week to look into the building codes to assure that my safety will not be threatened if another emergency situation were to occur. Getting all the residents back inside the building in the dead of winter also caused an unnecessary amount of congestion and chaos, as all the residents (and their pets) tried to cram themselves into 2 very slow small elevators. People were stuck outside longer than needed because they literally could not get back into their units due to elevator congestion. Please think of these situations as you look into opening stairwells for everyday use. It is important for me to have my health and safety protected in my living quarters. I think Mears has a lot of positive qualities about it, but there are some negatives that I can no longer overlook. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and respond.
Mears Park Place Manager01/13/2014

I certainly agree that when there are two elevators out in our building it does become an inconvenience for residents. Mears Park Place is currently starting a six month project which involves upgrading all three elevators, required by the city of St. Paul. Over that time period there will only be two working elevators, however by upgrading our elevators it will alleviate issues we have had in the past with elevators being out of order. As far as the stairwells go, the doors are locked and residents can only exit on certain floors. I am working on changing that so residents can use the stairs to access their apartment. I do apologize for the comment made by one of my employees. I take your comments seriously and it will be looked into and addressed. Last week was the coldest it has been in two decades. Mears has made upgrades to the heating system but due to outside temperatures there were issues with the heat. I had extra help working overtime to make sure apartments had adequate heat. I apologize if you feel your concerns have not been responded to or taken seriously. I have an "open door" policy and you are always welcome to address any issue with me in person, I invite you to do so if you feel any of your concerns have still not been addressed. The goal of all staff members at Mears Park Place is to make your stay an enjoyable one. Again Thank You for your comments. Gloria T., Property Manager

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