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Mears Park Place

401 Sibley Street

Saint Paul, MN 55101



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/25/2012
I lived at Mears Park Place Apartments for 2 years and fully regret it. First, the apartments are overpriced. The area is really run down, but has a lot of potential. I feel as though until it meets that potential it is insane to ask as much as they do for rent. Next, the apartment is not well taken care of. When we first moved in we noticed that the courtyard was destroyed and our patio was falling apart. We asked when it would be fixed and they told us within 6 months, but we have been there two years and the management has not done anything to fix the damage. Which brings me to the biggest problem with the apartment complex, the management. As previously stated, they will lie to you to tell you what you want to hear to move in. Not only were we lied to about the courtyard and patio being fixed, but they said the courtyard was an off-leash area for dogs and that dogs were welcome. What they meant to say was, "Your dog is not welcome in the courtyard, at all." We receive several rude "Friendly Reminders" telling us that our lease was being violated because we were in the courtyard with our dog, even though it was not mentioned in the Lease or the Pet Addendum. I had to call the management and tell them that it is not in the Lease or Pet addendum we agreed to and that they cannot penalize us for something that is not in the lease. However, the management is not that intelligent, did not know what a Lease or Pet Addendum actually are, and could not figure out that they cannot just make up rules whenever they want. I had an one hour conversation with the management trying to explain to them that they are bound by the Lease agreement just as much as the tenant is... I was not happy that I had to explain how a Lease works to a person who is in charge of my lease. Finally, you will never feel comfortable living at Mears Park Place. The management is nosy and as mentioned previously not intelligent. The security are only concerned with watching the tenants and not making sure the building is safe (there were multiple gang fights outside the gates of the apartments while I lived here). Also, the long-term tenants are pretty mean and complain about everything, from dogs to grills. If you live here you will feel watched 100% of the time. DO NOT LIVE HERE!!
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Mears Park Place

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