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Mears Park Place

401 Sibley Street

Saint Paul, MN 55101



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luvithere77 • Resident 2009 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 05/03/2012
In all of the places I have lived, which is a bit by some standards, I have never loved a Management and office team as much. The company keeps the buildings main areas fresh and updated with new remodels and the pool is always just the right temp. They even allow dogs in several parts of the building now. My only regret has been not convincing my best friend to move in with her family. I think Gloria has helped us out with things as much as she could, which was more then we could have ever hoped for when times were tight for us and she is like a friend more than an apartment manager, though she holds my greatest esteem and respect. I am so sad to see these people say anything bad about the staff here or the fact that the courtyard is anything other than beautiful. In fact, if it was less than stellar, it was due to their dog! They didn't pick up after it and it scared other families in the court yard, not to mention ruining the garden areas. The phrase Good riddance to bad rubbish comes to mind with regard to those tenants. It's just sad to me that just because they can't follow rules that they have to bring the morale and score of a stellar living community down. This property involves it's tenants and community in the party room through tenant parties and celebrations at every turn. The things you could mention as any kind of issues are things you experience in any larger complex, so they really needn't be mentioned or even thought of as issues. People will love it here and should find the price points ideal. It is Down Town living after all and for the money you get the best of everything, esp since in contrast, the office staff here are as friendly and helpful as I have ever come across. Please love it here as much as I do, that is what makes this place so great!!! Toby H in Apt 846
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Mears Park Place

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