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BAD IDEA! (you NEED to read this before choosing Mears)

In the couple of months I lived at Mear's Park Place, my experience was almost always a negative one rather than positive. Firstly, problems with the apartment complex and my apartment. The apartment complex itself is nothing special, nothing welcome, though nothing that would scare anyone off. More often than not, the hallways reeked, whether it be of garbage, bad food, or cigarette smoke. Yes, cigarette smoke in a building where smoking is not allowed. People smoke in their rooms, and unfortunately the rest of us have to be aware of this. Their "wonderful" workout facility is a tiny room with one elliptical, a free weights set up, and a broken treadmill. Funny thing is, they underwent "a total facelift" for quite some time in the workout room, and amazingly, NOTHING changed AT ALL. Still the same inadequate gym. The pool is alright, a little small considering how many people Mears houses, but it's a rare occasion that it's crowded. The laundry facilities are sub-par, actually doing your laundry will cost you an arm and a leg though, because you have to buy a laundry pass, instead of feeding the machines your own quarters. You're better off going to a crappy laundry dive and getting the same service cheaper. My apartment was decent, to an extent. The walls had their scuffs, the carpet had its stains, no big deal. What was a big deal was that the dishwasher poured out water every time it opened, and the fridge froze half of me and my roommates food, no matter what setting we changed it to. For a two bedroom, one of the bedrooms was a nice size, with a walk-in closet, the other room, however, was like a single dorm room, with just a futon and two very small end-table dressers, it was as if I hardly had room to take a couple steps. Every single sliding door closet (which was every closet except the bigger bedroom's) broke during my time living there. They'd somehow get unhinged EVERY time you opened them and it was a pain and a half to fix them, often times they'd get jammed and make ungodly squealing noises while you tried to get them back in place. The air conditioning worked great, no complaints there, but when the weather got colder, unless you had eight layers on and sleeping with ten blankets, you'd freeze. The heat worked for ONE day, before it ---- out on us, and no amount of prodding and poking and turning of the dials got it to work again. It was like living in a frozen tundra, NO LIE. In fact, I wish I was exaggerating how miserable it was to live there, for sake of a good story, but Mears was a nightmare. Parking wasn't great, they really sugar-coat that one. You're led to believe that they have this ample lot beneath them, when really, you're forking out 65-70 a month for a spot you can BARELY squeeze into, whether it be because half the people living there rarely use their cars and so they sit, or because people don't know how to park, and honestly, there isn't room for error. It isn't heated either, despite certain claims. The elevator, no matter what part of the building you're in, is often a ----- to wait for. I'd be down in the freezing parking room, waiting 5-10 minutes, with armfuls of groceries for that stupid elevator. They're supposed to have shopping carts to help you out, but those suddenly disappear too. The staff, though, by far, were the worst to deal with. Not only do you feel as though you aren't being taken seriously, they will blatantly lie to your face. You're expected to deal with one person usually when you come in, but any question you ask needs a higher power's answer, and how convenient that those "higher powers" are never in. They dance around giving you actual answers, and it's only when you have to infer that legal powers might get involved that they sober up and give you straight answers. They'll do anything for money, too. As if lying about how great this place is isn't enough, you may find that you suddenly are charged with complaints and fees that have no reasonable or valid warrant. Or, better yet, amidst trying to get out of their rediculous lease, they'll withhold certain deposits you paid and should be getting back, and if you do not keep record of this and mention it, I can gaurantee you, you will NEVER see that money again. It's almost funny to bring those little inconveniences up and hear their voices get a little less polite and cheery, or their faces lose a little hospitality when they realize you know what you're doing. I made over four thousand dollars in expectancy to give me a little head start before I lived at Mears, because rent is also extremely COSTLY compared to what you're getting for the place, and no joke, my bank account was DEPLETED between the time I realized how horrible this place and its staff were to when I was able to step out of the place for good. Since then, I've had the displeasure of having to get all of my "irretrievable" deposits back (don't let them fool you, you can get it back) IN ADDITION to them actually taking over 400 dollars out of my account WHEN I WAS NO LONGER ON THE LEASE, therefore, not legally bound to how my roommate (who decided to stay at Mears) got the rent paid. Mears took money out of MY bank account (and mind you, I'm already living at a waaaaay friendlier and cheaper place, still trying to recover financially) and then when I called, outraged, they informed me that whoops, sorry, there was no way they were able to give me my money back and that if there was a problem I would have to consult my former roommate about cutting me a check for my lost money. Uhh...yeah, not happening. I don't even understand what goes through their minds, and needless to say I notified my bank and had the payment stopped, and so what does Mears do? They turn around and charge my old roommate a $25 fee for late rent, even though the entire rent was to be taken out of her account in the first place, and she had more than enough to cover it. They also charged me $70 for a month of parking that I didn't live there and was already off the lease, and needless to say, I'm having a hell of a time getting them to give that back. You wouldn't believe the crap they're trying to feed me. Mears is crooked as hell, and the people that run it are absolute dimwits. All in all, you can find cheaper, BETTER apartments elsewhere, with nicer, HONEST staff in the St. Paul area. Don't let them fool you into thinking this place is great, with their janky, rose-tinted sunglasses version of how much their residents love the place or what a great atmosphere it is. It isn't worth the time or lost money. If you're so concerned with being close to downtown, getting around that place takes the same amount of time as just driving down from the Summit Hill neighborhood to exactly where you need to be, and Summit Hill has way more personality, quality, and safety than downtown. Cheaper too. Heed my warning!!!

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