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The Lyric at Carleton Place



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I've been reading through the recent reviews and feel the need to chime in; hopefully offer a little perspective about the Lyric. I do get the sense that the manager and staff are trolling through here and making most the comments though. When it's a bad review that is. :) Imagine that... I have lived here for just about 11 months now. I've decided not to renew my lease and can not recommend the apartment for the following reasons: 1) parking. About half of the spaces in the garage are smaller than the other half. You need to kiss up to get one of the better spots otherwise you will be squeezed--and I mean squeezed... I also don't drive a semi-truck but a mid-size four door Honda Accord. 2) amenities. I recently hosted a dinner party at my place. Was really a special night. I had four guests over and we all went up to sit by the fireplace on the roof afterward and socialize. We were being quiet, but it was after 10 pm and we were asked to leave because you know that's against the "rules". We probably wouldn't have stayed much longer, but it's just unfortunate that rules are so strictly enforced even when they serve no purpose. Now if we were up there screaming at 2 in the morning, I get the point; but, we weren t, so let it slide for God's sake. 3) management staff. While they've never given me too much grief, I have always gotten the impression that I needed to suck up to them in order to get anything. The property manager is just kinda weird. In a general sorta way. I would never want to get on her bad side. I can certainly see how if you did you'd be hosed. One time I inquired about faster Internet and possibly going with a different provider. They have some bulk contract with a company called Multiband which supposedly is up to 10 Mbps, but generally you only get 3-5 Mbps when I tested it. Took me 3 hours to download an HD video I rented on Amazon. When I asked about Comcast (they give you up to 20 Mbps) she got extremely defensive with me and scolded me. I was just asking a question! Needless to say, I got out of the office fast and just let it go... 4) building. Sound proofing. The building does not have concrete floors. It's all wood (from the outside you would think concrete). Needless to say, I can hear my neighbors when they play their stereo or watch a movie. I definitely can hear the neighbors above me walking across the floor/ceiling. I live on the fourth floor. 5) security. Crime. They have a problem with people breaking into cars in the underground garage. They got a picture of one of the guys on videotape and posted it on all the doors. I don t think they ever caught him though. 6) neighborhood. There's really nothing around here. If you're outside or leave your windows open at night and the wind is right (about half the time it is) you can smell the cardboard box factory/recycling complex. It's not a pretty smell. Conclusion. There are lot's of other apartment buildings where there's reasonable flexibility and customer concern. I just haven't gotten that vibe here.
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The Lyric at Carleton Place

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