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The Lyric at Carleton Place



Resident · 2011 - 2014
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Office Staff
A year ago I would have wholeheartedly given this place a 5 star raving review and advised anybody and everybody to live here. I can't anymore. If you have a dog, my review is for you. If you have a dog, they will tell you this building is "dog friendly" but I'll tell you right now: NO WAY. Over the past few months they have done landscaping to rid the property of any and all grass, yeah that's right, no more grass. Oh wait, there IS grass, but your dog is not allowed on it. You're wondering, but where does my dog go to the bathroom? Let me tell you the options posed by the dimwitted office manager. A. your dog can go to the bathroom on the rock they replaced the grass with. ROCK. Nope, not that fine, sand-like rock, but big, jagged chunks of landscaping rock. If your dog weighs over 30 pounds, good luck with that. When I asked the brilliant office manager why? They are tired of replacing the sod. That's right, sick of replacing the sod so that your dog has grass to go to the bathroom on. Your alternative option is mulch, the mulch they are at this very minute covering with bushes and plants. If your dog likes to go on grass like 99% of the normal dog population, you're going to have to do some walking over to the next property. That is exceptionally fun at night when the riffraff in the area is out and about. And before that walk on your journey to find grass? Be prepared to hike down stairs with your dog because they are not allowed in any of the elevators on the property. Be prepared to climb the stairs after it is all over again. Dog friendly? Yeah, no. And if you decide to stop by the rental office with your pooch, don't expect a warm welcome. They'll treat your dog like they are a flea infested Cujo. I've never seen any two people more uncomfortable or awkward with a dog in my life. Back when I first moved here, the office staff were two ladies that have since "left" and I miss them dearly. Their replacements have been nothing but a headache for me and other residents. They are your typical corporate type-A who doesn't give a crap about you or your dog. I'm lucky if I can get a reply back from them when I have a question. No smile or wave when we run into each other in the hallway, either. When my lease is up I will not be sorry to go. A few positives: The maintenance staff... super nice guys who go out of their way to be friendly, know my dogs name, always say hi, and always fix any issues immediately and professionally. Also, relatively quiet building, but you will hear the person above you flushing their toilet and walking around.
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The Lyric at Carleton Place

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