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Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/28/2018
Had it not been for the move out charges and fees, I probably would've given 3 stars. If you are reading the reviews, do not live here. It has a 2.6 average for a reason. I was charged $30 for "damaged" couch cushions. I subleased from another student for the summer. When I moved in, there was a sheet covering the couch. I wasn't going to touch other people's stuff so I didn't know the cushions were worn. Speaking of which, the cushions are very old. Landlords are supposed to be in charge of replacing furnishings that have wear and tear (look at the picture, is that not wear and tear?). I told them that and they said sorry, this has been damaged and you didn't put it on the move-in sheet. I explained to them why I shouldn't be responsible to pay for the cushion replacements in several emails to two different managers and the best they could do was reduce my charge in half. Sorry I didn't put it on the sheet, but if I only lived there for a summer there's no way I could have damaged those cushions. I even proved to them that the "damage" is wear and tear. The cushion nearest to the entrance is the most worn, the next cushion over is somewhat worn, then the furthest cushion is looking pretty good. This shows that people have been sitting on the nearest one the most. Not damage, but whatever, they gotta make money somehow right? Then, I got $32.50 in charges for items left behind by the tenants I subleased from. The previous tenants told me they were coming back for their stuff so I left it alone. I'm not gonna throw other people's stuff away. I explained this to management, and, again, they said sorry the best we can do is reduce your charges in half. Electricity bills are insane. I think I got charged $60 for my 3 months stay there because their appliances are horribly eco friendly and my roommates left their lights on all the time. The lights in the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms are so bright and wasteful. Parking was $70 per month outside. Other apartment complexes in the area have indoor parking for the same price or cheaper for outdoor parking. The subleasing fee was $350 or $400 I can't remember, but that's ridiculous. When I was searching for other places to sublease for the summer, their fees were $200 on average. In general, the fees at Pavillion are very strict and expensive. Take these into account when you are thinking about the $650 rent per month. The garbage problem is no joke. Look at the pictures. I thought it was only bad for moving in and moving out, but it's a problem every week. Most of the students living here are too stupid to understand how to properly put their trash in the garbage bins, but also they do not have enough garbage and recycling bins. When I moved out my vehicle was almost trapped in the parking spot because there was piles of garbage right behind it. Other random things: The TV in the gym never worked. The hot tub only worked sometimes. It's close to the light rail which is nice. The computer/printer room is convenient.
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The Pavilion On Berry Apartments Manager09/07/2018

Hello, I am troubled to see you rated your experience a 1 star. We are concerned to see your release did not meet your expectations and our standards as a property and company. We are always looking for advice from our residents on how we can continue to improve so your experience living at The Pavilion on Berry is an excellent experience. We try to provide the best customer service we can and make reasonable accommodations regarding the final account statements. As a resident, you do have the opportunity to submit a final account statement dispute to discuss and resolve any confusion regarding the charges. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to our office. Best, Drew Kerska Leasing Manager [email protected] (651) 644-8400

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