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950 Jefferson Commons Circle, Saint Paul, MN 55114
950 Jefferson Commons Circle, Saint Paul, MN 55114

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Resident 2017 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/10/2019
I have never written a review in 21 years, but this time, I just have to. First of all: Do not rent with peakcampus! I have never encountered such a greedy company that cared so little for their customers. Trash is lying everywhere. I have to admit that this is mainly because a lot of tenants here just don't care about that and throw their stuff anywhere, but I think one can expect the landlord to make at least a reasonable effort to remove the trash. The trash will be collected from time to time when the containers overflow, but the whole area around the containers is just gross. Trash in the stairways, halls and parking lot will not be removed at all. I would not be surprised if there were rats living nearby. When I walked the unit with the manager, she noted herself how dirty the elevator was. Apparently, putting "cleaning the elevator" on the to-do-list did not occur to hear as a result of that; when I came back a couple of days later to collect my belongings, it was worse. In general, when it comes to maintaining the buildings, they are doing the absolute minimum. The stairway smells horrible, so do the elevators occasionally. Their general attitude is "don't do anything we cannot charge anyone for". I heard from multiple people that their washing machine broke (in fact, our dryer stopped working in the middle of the year, too), and the office didn't do anything about it. There is no photo of the actual bedroom to be found on their website, and that is because for the rent you pay, the room is very small. The TV is not connected, instead there are dozens of cables sticking out of it, with no manual. I was told by the office to contact the provider. Word is that in most units, this was similar. They also advertise having a "game room". That's just pathetic. There is a billiard table no one ever uses next to a TV corner in a walk-through area. That's it. The "office" for the tenants they advertise actually exists, though printing won't work unless you have your own paper. Maybe expect us to bring our own printer, too? The unit is also not wholly furnished. There are no trash cans, no shower curtains, of course no plates or knives and forks or any cooking equipment, so all of that has to be bought separately. Since I am trying to give an objective picture: It seems like they actually did something about the wifi issue that is being addressed in other reviews here. In six months, the wifi was down only once for one day. When it comes to returning the deposit, this company seems to be stuck in the last century. They encourage their tenants to pay their rent via credit card online, yet the only way to receive the deposit back is via check that will be mailed only within the US. When I asked them to send it to my home country, they refused to do so, even with me offering to pay for it. Apparently, the check is being send out by the headquarter in Atlanta, all the local office does is providing the US. address. A c/o address doesn't work either, since "there is no space for that" on their intranet form. While this might not concern most people that think about renting here, it shows how little they a willing to make possible for their tenants. If you have an actual problem, do not bother asking the pawns at the office, since they are qualified to read your lease contract to you, but nothing more. Speak to the manager directly. In fact, I had one of them place a service request related to our fire detectors, and nothing happened. A week later, I asked again, and was told there never had been a service request! Also, judging by how rude the manager is, she must be paid per tenant being pissed off. There also seems to be a practice of charging tenants for cleaning the apartments after their move-out. At move-in, you will be asked to fill out a checklist whether everything is in order and in place. It is not always clear what piece of furniture is meant, and this ambiguity certainly serves to their advantage. When you move out, they walk the unit and put all kinds of things they deem worth replacing on their list, then cross-reference it with your check-list, and then charge you for everything (!) that is not on your list. As a result, the tenants pay for the maintenance of the apartment. While surely a tenant should pay for damages to the unit or furniture, making us pay for cleaning the carpet, painting the walls, etc. is nothing short of unprofessional and embarrassing. Everything is worn out at some point, and if you are the unlucky tenant when the furniture finally breaks apart, good luck. Make sure to at least walk the unit with them, so that they cannot put anything on their list they consider "broken" when it really isn't. I had to leave in December after half of the lease period for personal reasons, and to make sure these greedy people would not take anything of my deposit, I wanted to walk the unit during the move-out inspection with them. In the lease contract, the tenant is given an explicit right to be present during that inspection. In advance, I was told by one of the pawns that walking the unit on the 22nd, my move-out date, would be no problem, however, one week before that, that was suddenly not possible anymore. The manager told me that the latest date would be the 17th. Their office would be open on the 22nd and every day before that, but they just didn't want to walk the unit after the 17th because they felt like not enough people would be in the office during the inspection then. The manager herself said that the inspection would take only between 5 and 15 minutes (in fact, it took 9). I have seen how busy these guys are, and let me tell you, they can definitely spare 15 minutes of their not-so-precious time. I got the feeling they just made up excuses to prevent me from being present during the inspection, although that is my contractual right. I had to move to a hotel to be able to walk the unit with them. They do not move a muscle for their tenants. Since I was in the office so often, I also witnessed a guy being refused to change his unit because his roommate was impossible to live with. While I do not know anything about that story, it fits into the picture I have of them. One last thing: Their website calls their apartments "luxurious". Fake marble, plastic showerheads and tiny rooms do not count as luxurious in my book. The Pavilion on Berry is run by peakcampus. They also own other apartments in Minneapolis, be sure to not rent with one of them, either. There is a reason why they receive so many bad reviews.
The Pavilion On Berry Apartments Manager07/02/2019

We are disheartened your experience at The Pavilion on Berry has been unsatisfactory. My name is Amber and I am the Property Manager at The Pavilion on Berry. We have taken steps to remedy our trash situation with the hiring of two additional members for our maintenance team. These additions will assist with the interior and exterior cleanliness of the property in conjunction with some minor construction work to better fit our receptacles. . I apologize for the issue with your service request and the discrepancies within your move out. We take your comments very seriously and would like to meet with you in person to walk through each of your concerns. Please call me at your earliest convenience at (651) 644-8400 or via email at [email protected] so we can schedule our meeting and make progress with your concerns. Thank you!

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