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West Side Flats



Former Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
My wife and I lived here right after we got married. It was pretty good to start with, but slowly got worse as time went by. Our upstairs neighbors had 3 kids that would be running and jumping around from 6am-9pm all day every day. Repeatedly asked management to remind them of the quiet hours and address the issue. After multiple requests with no change I confronted the neighbors myself and they said they would do their best. Nothing changed, but luckily they moved out halfway through our lease. The new tenants were much quieter, but you could still hear every footstep. The gym and upstairs party room were great, but the grills were constantly broken/not working for weeks at a time before getting fixed. There is section 8 housing so lots of large families causing the small pool to almost always be crowded and lots of kids running rampant in the building. The shape of the building caused sound to bounce around very easily so having your windows and slider open on a nice summer day meant the joy of hearing kids yell all day long at the pool and hearing traffic go over the Wabasha bridge. Raspberry Island is apparently the local hangout for the street race crews. You can count on dozens of cars revving out of there like clockwork around 10 or 11 every single night! Probably not a good place to visit after dark either considering the cops patrolled the park every few hours after sunset. Parking is a joke unless you want to pay $150 PER CAR (no spots included in your lease) or fight over the dozen or so spots in the lot. All street parking nearby is 2 hour max Mon-Fri so if you do not get a lot spot (good luck with that!) and use public transport for work (like my wife did) you just roll the dice and hope that is the day they aren't going around ticketing cars, but the parking cops certainly will do that and we got a few of them. On the plus side the location to downtown is wonderful and the trails for running/biking along the river were amazing! All in all, for the price tag and what we put up with I would not recommend this building to anyone.
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West Side Flats

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