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West Side Flats



Former Resident · 2018 - 2020
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Office Staff
I am severely disappointed with my interactions with April at West Side Flats. She completely dropped the ball when it came time to re-sign our lease to the point where we had to hound her to get us the paperwork multiple times and we could no longer give proper notice of our departure. Then we come to find out, through her own screenshot from her computer, that we had been charged over market price for the last year when we had been explicitly told that we were paying market value for our rent, breaking all trust we had that we were given a fair value in rent. When we attempted to negotiate or at least understand where they were getting the new number for our rent from she provided absolutely no information to us regarding how they reached those rates, and treated us as if we were wasting her time and insulting her for even asking. Her attitude was that of "we can charge more if we rent to someone one knew so we don't care if you leave", clearly valuing money over the valid concerns of the person they are renting to. Finally, after getting to a point where we decided we would re-sign because my roommate and I did not want to taking on additional risk by moving during a pandemic, we brought up issues of packages being stolen and she blew off our concerns and told us that they were not willing to take any steps to prevent the theft. She said that is not their responsibility to secure packages for residents and that we should just go to the lobby to pick it up as soon as we see through tracking that it was delivered. This is when we decided see what other building in the area charged for rent to see if it would be worth it to move and we found out that other buildings that were equitable, or arguably better, were charging at least $200 less per month. Residents are continuing to have packages stolen, people were also reporting in the week before we moved that random people were trying to get into apartments, one resident caught someone breaking into a storage cage in the parking garage and it was a man they had caught stealing before, and the day we started moving we saw a car that had been broken into. The response from April was to put the responsibility of securing the building on residents rather than hiring additional security for the building. This is entirely unacceptable. People are in their apartments almost 24/7 due to the pandemic. There is absolutely no reason to justify putting profit over the security of your residents during a global pandemic, especially at the rates of rent that is building is charging.
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West Side Flats

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