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Riva Ridge Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/30/2013
Where to start. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised walking in to the main entry and speaking with the then manager, and made our decision easy. After moving in, the manager greeted us and our dog by name and genuinely cared. Our apartment is right above the office on the main floor, and our window is above the main door. WORST APARTMENT EVER. We hear EVERYTHING! There are loud kids constantly running and shouting in the hallways, upstairs neighbors are loud, inconsiderate, and rude at all times in the night. Every drunk person coming in the door at 3 in the morning and screaming kids out front (playing in the parking lot I might add) we hear all day. There are any mix of police, ambulances, or fire trucks crowding the parking lot at least once a week. One weekend, we had cops, EMTs and firefighters here THREE times in only 2 days! The new property manager (who just quit) doesn't know my name, never smiles, threatens to enforce rules that have been horribly enforced and doesn't follow through, and frankly has no respect. Our 1 year lease is up within a month and let me tell you, I cannot wait. We've had 4 showings this week, and they like to give less than 24 hours notice and they dictate the schedule. With working all the time and a dog who can't be left home with strangers walking in, it's getting ridiculous to plan around this. Nobody picks up their dog's poop, and when the property manager threatened to start cracking down and charging people when they don't pick it up or have their dogs off their leash (in the lease) no one ever does anything. The carpets have never been changed, and the 2nd floor looks dingy, nothing like the front entry. The appliances are ancient, and there are no lights in the ceiling in either the living room or the bedroom. Even with windows, it gets dark unless you have 4 lamps in each room! The parking garage reeks like garbage that makes me sick, it FLOODS when it rains (structural issue?) and the pool closes randomly every time it rains for days on end. We'll be buying a house with monthly payments less than $200 more than what we pay here, and boy will it be worth it.
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Riva Ridge Apartments

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