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White Bear Woods

4776 Centerville Road

White Bear Lake, MN 55127



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2015
When my husband, my two year old daughter and I first moved in, I thought we had found that "sweet spot" all renters try to find. Come to find out we had found that, but was it worth the price we ended up paying? NO. No it was not. The apartments, alone, are beautiful on the inside. We had brand new appliances, new beautiful flooring, etc. A VERY nice looking apartment, one of the nicest I found when searching around. So with that being said, if you are single and love nice finishings but can stand everything else, then this is the apartment complex for you. So, now to the good stuff. Here is a list of things we had to deal with/encounter at this complex: - VERY unprofessional management (blaming us for things to our neighbors when THEY had problems) - Noise from the upstair apartment (third floor, which HAPPENS to be the maintenance guy for the third floor). EVERY NIGHT starting at 7, which is when my toddler goes to bed. We have confronted them to their faces AND to the apt complex, but the do NOTHING. - The laundry facilities are nice, and the lady that does the upkeep for the second floor of building 4790 is VERY nice. However, the freaking laundry card money refil machine seems to be ALWAYS BROKEN. Suggestion? Go to The Laundry Room in Maplewood. They have half off days on Tuesday and Wednesday and you can wash for like $13 instead of $20-$20 (WBW apt ones). -We were ROBBED. I repeat, ROBBED in a "secure" parking garage in building 90 a few days after black Friday. What was done? A few sheets of paper put up in the garages telling us to "not keep things in our cars, in front of the cars, and to lock the doors on our vehicles". Yup. That's IT. At LEAST our progressive insurance for renting that we were DEMANDED to get helped us out. We got back $500 of the $2,000+ in fishing gear we lost. There are brass keys and garage door openers only programmed to this building for security. Funny thing is THE ROBBERS CAME IN THE FRONT DAMN DOOR OF THE BUILDING. -We live in a pet building...though we have no pets. Seems odd? So, make SURE that they actually give you the room that you requested. It smells like cigarettes from --- and dog hair ALL. THE. TIME. Bless the guy who TRIES to keep it clean. I see him all the time in the halls. He is nice (contracted, not from White Bear Woods so that makes sense that he is nice). - We got blamed for taking photos of neighbors, by our landlords TO those neighbors, when we weren't even home! And we didn't even get confronted by the property managers, they just blamed us instead of blaming who WAS responsible...the noisy---- maintenance man in ---. Luckily, the person who was the victim of the photos, we knew and they knew that there was no way it was us so...make friends with the neighbors you can, WHILE you can. I could go on, but like I said, if you want a beautiful LOOKING apt, in a pretty place (White Bear Township), but can deal with this other crap, then it's the place for you. Also, they raise your rent every year apparently, and try to charge you for ---- you didn't so. So suggestion, take photos when you move in AND out.
White Bear Woods Manager02/25/2015

I would like to invite you and your husband to the office for a discussion so I may address any issues you may have. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to ensure each of our residents is happy living here. Sincerely, Your Community Manager

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White Bear Woods

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