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Richardson Place



Resident · 2012 - 2016
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Office Staff
This will be the most honest review here. I have lived here for quite some time and have seen a lot. I have read all the reviews on here. I guarentee most of the 5 star reviews are made by the office staff or friends of theirs. The grounds are littered with dog poop because they don't enforce the rule of cleaning up the place. The maintenance crew doesn't do anything. The one big guy just drives around all day in his truck or parks in the back of the property and sleeps. The manager is nice to your face but we talk about residents behind their backs. And the ammenities are next to nothing. One of the other reviews stated that there are constantly shootings and vandalism. That is a complete lie. But they claim to be proud of their family structure but they will not blink twice to evict you if you fall on hard times and need a little leeway. Recently, a U.S. Veteran resident lost his job and got a little behind on rent. After being 3 weeks behind, they received notification of their eviction proceedings. Now they are homeless and jumping from family and friend's homes. 3 WEEKS!!! As far as the grounds go, they have a beautiful patio, but some resident sits out there constantly and runs everyone off because she thinks it's her space. When reported to the office, they refused to do anything about it. The tiny park is not maintained. It's falling apart and is unsafe for the children to play on. The picnic tables surrounding the property are falling apart. During the summer, the pool is poorly maintained and the lady that works at the pool is very rude. In the 4 years of living here, the rent has gone up every year a total of 240 dollars. But in those 4 years, there have been no improvements to the property to warrant such a spike. I would personally not recommend this property. There are much nicer places with far more ammenities for the price they are charging.
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Richardson Place

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