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Richardson Place



Resident · 2015 - 2016
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Office Staff
My boyfriend and I lived in Richardson Place Apts for a year. During the stay we had minor issues that were tended to for the most part. Issues such as bugs, broken toilet, and dog poop not being taken care of. The longer we lived there we noticed that I was allergic to something in the master bedroom. When I would stay in the room for a period of time I would have trouble breathing, major sneezing and coughing. Finally, after getting tired of not being able to stay in the bedroom, my boyfriend investigated near the window and found black mold EVERYWHERE along the wall that the window is placed. No wonder I had such a hard time breathing and other side-effects. We didn't have much time left in our lease and were in the process of buying a home so we just pushed through and didn't cause a stink about it. However, after moving out we received a BILL in the mail for the replacement of the ENTIRE apartments carpet and the "cleaning of the stove." Of course, I was caught off guard by this bill and wanted proof before paying it. When I asked for invoices as to when the carpet was originally laid before we moved in I was told by the "manager" that there was a mistake and they actually owe us money instead of the other way around like the bill stated. REALLY!!!! You are going to bill someone and when they ask for proof you change your story. HA HA What a joke!!!!!!!!! Of course, we are fighting the fact that we are not receiving our deposit back. What they are trying to do is just wrong and they are doing this to EVERYONE! I have spoken with several other residents that have moved from this location and had deposit issues. I do not recommend the Lipton Group Apartments to anyone. They are quite sketchy. A staff member told me another staff member left because she "didn't like lying to residents." That statement right there left me angry and disappointed that we chose to live in this complex
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Richardson Place

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