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Sunnyside Gardens Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2016
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My Boyfriend, daughter, and I lived at Sunnyside Garden Apartments for 2 years, we were good tenants, never paid rent late and took very good care of the apartment while we lived there. I give noise a 1 star rating because we could hear our neighbor all day, everyday, we could hear her talk, tv, music, fart, and walk around. Another noise issue that we had were crickets getting into the walls from outside and chipping very loud all through the night. We told the apartment managers and nothing was done it about it, I ended up having to spray for them myself every couple of nights even though they told me not to. I give the grounds a 2 star rating because it was mowed weekly and the places that were visible to the public eye were clean, if the public couldn't see it it wasn't much of a priority so when they would do outside work to the back area that we lived in it was often left there such as trash, and broken tree limbs. There is no grass in the back lot do to trees so they lay a couple rows of SOD and call it good, it looked very tacky. I give safety one star cause the trees are in bad condition and there are hanging branches every where and one of the branches fell from the tree and almost hit our daughter in the head while she was outside playing. I give the Neighborhood a 2 star rating because my daughter and I could walk and be at Walmart, vintage stock and so on. Our car was broken into a week after we moved in, and in the back lot where we lived there were drug deals going on and once again the managers did nothing to fix this issue. I give maintenance a 1 star because if it doesn't cost the apartment more then $10 they will come fix it, if it's a bigger issue they will push it off until you move out and make you pay for the damage cause you didn't get it fixed while you lived there. In one instance our bathroom sink clogged up and the maintenance man came to check it out he ruined the stuff under my bathroom sink because he untwisted the pipe and water came out everywhere, flooding my bathroom, and water getting under neath the carpet, I did offer to clean out from underneath it and give him a bowl to put underneath there and he refused both. The carpet in front of the bathroom got soaked from underneath and started to mold, so they called their carpet cleaner to come clean it and he showed up at 10 pm with his girlfriend and small child. Another problem we had was my daughter fell into her bedroom closet mirror door and broke the mirror, maintenance came out and took the door away and told me they would bring me another one and never brought it, which in turn I asked them about every time I paid the rent from that point on and they kept saying we will bring you one from storage. Well our move out day came and the mirror door still never came and guess what we were charged for it. I give staff a one star rating despite Daryl and his wife being AMAZING because one person really can ruin it all for other people. Case in point I did call when we found out we were charged for the mirror door and Ernie was very unprofessional about it and talked down to me saying that we as renters could have done A LOT of things differently over the course of our stay there but could only give one example of bad judgement from us and that was when we parked the uhaul in the back yard to load it easier, mind you there is no grass back there only dirt so we didn't ruin anything but his dirt, there wasn't even a tire mark left. When he came down there the way he talked to us was as if we had something insulting and degrading to him. Ernie is a horrible person to rent from so if you do find yourself moving here anyway then try your very best to avoid him at all costs. I will stand with what previous posters have stated that they will charge you for everything and you will not get your deposit back. You can clean it spotless before you move but they will still charge you a cleaning fee and charge you for everything that they can charge you for so that you don't get your deposit back. Jessica Riley
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Sunnyside Gardens Apartments

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