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Ashwood Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
Short version: These guys just plain suck. If this is all you read of this review, then please don t ever rent or lease from Raul Walters (Parkway Apartments, Ashwood Apartments). And here s why. Reason 1. Management The management at Raul Walters is horrifying. They had fantastic managers when I first signed a lease in 2010 that I knew by name. They were humans, and treated their tenants as such. My wife and I had a great relationship with them. However, sometime around January or February of 2012, I walked into the office to give my rent to the manager, and he was gone. Desk cleared out, etc. This is when everything went south. Every time I went in the office since then, there was someone new at the front desk. I never spoke with the same person, which is not too bad, except for it seemed as though someone new was taking my maintenance requests and either forgot to report them, or ignored them (Which could be why nobody consistent was there). Regardless, one of our kitchen cabinets is about to fall off, and still nothing done. Sometime around the end April, Raul Walters decided to let us know the deadline to resign the lease was that day. This was the first my wife and I had heard it. We were debating leaving due to the frustrations with maintenance, etc. We decided it was the cheapest place to stay and closest to downtown. So, under the heavy influence of bad timing in a college town where leases are signed in March, we signed, somewhat unwillingly. At the signing, we learned that the free internet was no longer included, rent went up $20, and no leasers were able to take over if we decided to get out. Once again, under the influence of bad timing, we signed. That month, our rent was late I admit. The person in their accounts management dept let me know. I pleaded with this person to waive the late fee as my wife and I are working adults and have not been late on rent since living there. The person in accounts waived our late fee and that was that So I thought. I received a notice in August, to which I called, explained the situation with the NEW accounts manager, and again he left it be. On to Tuesday, 11/6, we received another late notice SIX MONTHS LATER. I called the office, explained the situation to yet another NEW desk attendant, and she consulted a NEW accounts manager. They have no record of having that conversation with me and that nobody in their office was authorized to waive late fees and that we have a late fee that we need to pay. I explained that we wouldn't due to someone waiving it. She said that our lease is a legal document that I signed. I told her I wasn't arguing that. We got in a very discussion. She threatened to take me to court and have their attorneys sort it out. Due to the fact that I did sign a legal document (again, under pressure of being homeless), I decided 50 bucks and court costs wasn t worth it. On top of it all, they decided to implement a parking pass system (fine, whatever) but forgot to tell their tenants that there was a visitors lot. We woke up this past weekend to Tiger Towing hooking up my parent s car. Reason 2. Maintenance As described above, both phone calls and personal visits have been made on my wife s and my part with several maintenance requests. From the 7 or so that we ve put in over the last six months, one has been completed. Again, no record of my call or requests except for the one that got fixed (a stovetop burner was out.) The buildings were built in the 70 s or so and are in O.K. shape. Just getting to the point of needing interior renovation, but it seems as though they are ignoring that. The exterior of the buildings just got painted some aweful color brown. But whatever. Reason 3. The Lease After being there for 3 years (my wife was there before we got married), My wife and I decided to start looking for a house. I went to the office to see the penalty for ditching early. When we signed as a married couple in 2010, forfeiting a lease cost a security deposit and that s it. I learned that they no longer allow any forfeit of any kind and that a tenant is responsible for paying through their lease end date. No sub-leasers, no giving up $500, just locked in. This is probably a detail we failed to look over when we were under pressure from being called the day the lease signing was due. In a brief summary, We had a great relationship with the management when we signed in 2010 (we didn t know anyone there prior to my wife moving in in 2009). Free internet was offered, rent was cheap. If something came up and you wanted to move out, you could, and your visitors could stay without being towed away. Maintenance was timely and proper. Now, I don t even know who the management is because they change every 10 minutes (the woman I spoke with on the phone a few days ago explained there has been quite a bit of turnover in the last year. The only thing we agreed on), internet is gone, rent got jacked up, the buildings (interior and exterior) are old and in poor shape, and your guests get towed away. Don t ever lease with Raul Walters.
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Ashwood Apartments

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