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Ashwood Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
New rent price for my unit this year: $870/two people for almost the same thing I paid $670/two people last year. My credentials: I have lived at Ashwood for 1 year, my friends live in Ashwood currently, and before I lived here I hung out at Ashwood apartments for 2 years with friends who have lived here 3 years in different units around property. Everyone I know has had a poor experience. Staff: All staff (except maintenance man) have been laid off or quit in last 12 months. The office closes at 5PM everyday and is not open on weekends (unless now, because they are hurting to get leases). The maintenance man patrols the pool consistently to check for your pool pass and will kick you out, resident or not, without the pass. The staff treats you like you are a college student and don't know any better. I consider it like living with your parents. Staff, whether it is the maintenance man or contractor, will enter your apartment without your consent. Subleasing has not and will not be allowed for the next year. Staff may change this, but the staff will do anything that suits their immediate convenience instead of tenants. Construction: The doors, locks, windows and seals are incredibly old and rusting throughout the property. Keys do not match between roommates and don't have "Do not copy" on them, so I'm sure there are many copies floating around Columbia area. The floors are paper thin. Make sure you get the top floor. One friend had to move out early and wear eye plugs every night just because the people above her were walking and it made too much noise. If you read the contract, it is against the rules to make any noise that someone else can hear outside of your apartment. So, everyone is essentially breaking their lease (I encourage you to read the contract, it is very scary). 90% of the air conditioning units are rusty and over 15 years old. The thermostat engages in intervals, regardless of what temperature it is in your apartment or outside. Although the apartments are "newly renovated," all Ashwood did was replace cabinets with essentially the same cabinet in different color. Vinyl floor coverings in bathroom and kitchen have been replaced out of necessity in many cases, but it's incredibly unimpressive. They have raised total rent $2400 dollars per unit for these renovations year-over-year. Wireless internet: It is a complete gimmick and is/will be incredibly slow. By eavesdropping on discussions between Mediacom installers and the maintenance man, it is clear that the staff knows that the free internet is poor but it is good advertising. Mediacom recommends that only two devices per unit can connect to the free internet and that it will be slow at best. My apartment currently has 8 devices to give you an idea of what is going to happen. Plan on buying a subscription from Mediacom (which experiences slowdowns during peak traffic times). Safety: Although there is a no soliciting sign, solicitors come through the property selling magazines and will leave stuff on your door handle. A stranger came into my friend's apartment through the balcony door. Wallet contents and prescription drugs were stolen. Parking: Your friends' cars WILL be towed if they are not in visitor parking ($140, I know from experience). The visitor parking is extremely scarce, so your friends need to park in Mizzou parking and walk 10 minutes during semester. If they are in visitor parking for extended time (1 days) or the maintenance man sees them leaving Ashwood with the car in visitor parking, the car will be towed regardless. If your friend parks often in visitor parking, you are likely to get a warning, especially if they are black. I can vouch for all of the allegations on prejudice by new staff 2012-2013. They target ------ and gays. It's incredibly sad, and I would say everything above under oath and more, but I value SOME anonymity. EDIT: After reading the other views with personal stories that clearly reveal identities, I am compelled to share more personal stories. When I first moved into the apartment, something was broken. I reported it and asked for maintenance, but I was treated like absolute crap. The new manager came into my apartment, didn't make eye contact or say a word, and dashed to the broken part. He muttered angrily that I needed to pay for the broken item, WHICH I DIDN'T BREAK. I told him I didn't break it, so I had to talk to the staff in the office. In the office, the maintenance man interjected while I explained my situation to the front desk person, and started shouting at me that I clearly had broken the item in question. There were new tenants and others in the office, and he was proceeding to shout at me that I needed to pay the costs. I calmly explained to him he was wrong and I would not accept his offer of paying for half, and he went on saying he is going to charge me anyways. I think they embarrassed themselves, so they ended up replacing the part for free only because they said they had a spare. The next time I had a maintenance request, the maintenance man told me he was going to charge me for some unrelated things because he had seen something he didn't like in my apartment when I wasn't there. The staff knows my face, name and unit number and don't make eye contact with me when I go inside. I am scared to go into the office now. I had to buy UPS my choice to pre-authorize my shipments to not go to the office, but still need to go in when I have USPS packages. Expect this when you move in/out and have problems too.
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