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Stoneybrook East



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
I can say that Stoney Brook East Apartment Management has been working over time for the convenience of the tenants. This has never happen before, and I know since it has not happen before there are many problems that has been neglected and they have to go over the old problems. When you fix something correctly, it is not about how fast it is done, it is about how great the job is when it is done. Living here at Stoney Brook I have seen many changes. Starting with the children playing out in the yard freely now. Next, things getting done like the pool, that was not open for four years. The new Management got that done the first month, but since it had more internal problems that needed attention, the pool got pushed back until the whole thing was correct. Out four years, the pool was open for a month. A month longer than before. Hopefully next year will get better. Next, I have heard that in October of 2008 they will be starting renovation on the property from the outside in. This management may not move as fast as others do, but at least when something gets done, it gets done. Anywhere you go, you will have problems. Some are greater and some or lesser, but you can not down someone making a change for the better. Well, I hope that Stoney Brooks new management gets everything done that they set thier eyes on and when everything gets done I hope they will move forward and help others. PS: Something to remember. Because a properties name is the same for years, does not mean the same management company owns it every year. Managements companies buy and sell each and every year in most states. A tip for the uneducated
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Stoneybrook East

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