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Stoneybrook East



Resident · 2014 - 2016
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Office Staff
Love living here, at Stoney Brook apt. the utilities are very reasonable and the office manager, Tandy is always willing to work with you, even if you ever have an issue, like, for example... being late on your rent.. a few days or so. If there's a problem in the apartment, "Tandy" apartment manager, or maintenance; a gentleman named "Price", are always up to our apartment, in a sufficient amount of time, fixing whatever may be wrong! You notice that I call them by their first names, because we're all on a first-name basis as they treat you like family and they make you feel comfortable to do so..., I feel safe on the property, I am a small woman, who lives with two very beautiful young daughters 17 & 19. I come and go comfortably, and so do they... my daughters, come and go from work and school, college and GED. They feel safe, as well. As we are an open family and talk about everything and I certainly ask. They are the most important to me, their comfort, safety and all. I speak for all of us when I say, I don't think that there's, anywhere else here in indep. Mo. that would make us more content as far as renting, at this point in our life. Until we decide to buy a home, of course. but, until we reach that point in our life... we are very content, very happy, & treated very well, where we live and couldn't be happier to be here. The property is well-lit, the property manager and maintenance always keep the grounds clean and enforce the rules as far as the grounds being clean, for example cigarette butts are not to be thrown down on the ground, we have been Fair warned that it takes several years for them to deteriorate, dog feces have to be picked up, and they make sure it does. so that children can play and enjoy the grounds appropriately, the grounds are clean and they enforce them to be kept clean and pool rules are enforced and pool is kept clean which is really nice on a hot day when you want to enjoy the pool, and so forth and so on!!! So as I said, I love living at Stoneybrook Apartments. Celtic property's. Thank you, for giving us the opportunity to give our opinion. Sincerely, tenant, and mother of two, Shannon Reimers. P.s. The schools around here are the best, & amazing!!!
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Stoneybrook East

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