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brunette25 • Resident 1998 - 1999 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/11/2002
This is the absolute low-life in apts. The police practically live there, and visit every single day. Low-life people make up about 98% of all tennants. I had my car vandalized. The apts are trashy, full of noise and people coming and going at all hours, music blaring at all hours. Even when I had called the police about the noise, it never stopped. The management is a complete joke..they live there too..figures..everything is old and outdated-do NOT move there!!!!! Oh and one more thing-they make you pay your electric and water bill to THEM-there is NO way to monitor your usage and they just divide the gallons used by the number of apts in the building, so if Billy Bob uses 4,000 gallons of water and you use 16-you get to pay for most of his usage. This place is CREEPY-the laundry room is in the dungeon/basement-that looks like something from a horror movie-with graffiti on the walls and broken storage units..trash and misc. junk at every turn. I prayed someone wouldn´t kill me, as I went down to attempt to wash clothes..in the ancient, broken machines. Don´t move to hell.
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