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Daniellevictoria18 • Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/23/2014
Let me just start out by saying you will NOT get your deposit back no matter how clean and perfect you leave it when you move. I lived there exactly 2 months and I was never there because I worked 2 jobs every single day, and stayed with my boyfriend a lot of nights. It was just a place to stay temporarily. The office staff sucks. Seriously. The work out room is gross and has outdated equipment. My apartment when I moved in was not up to par whatsoever. The carpet was stained and worn. And bathroom toilet seat was broken, the bathtub was missing a bunch of pieces of porcelain, the stove and oven was DISGUSTING (I never used it, I went to my moms to use hers), and sooo much more. When I moved in, I listed every single thing that was wrong with it because I didn't want to be charged for any of that when I left. And I'm extremely clean and neat, so I wouldn't mess up anything anyways. The day I turned in my key, the lady in the office told me that it would take 30 days for me to get my deposit back. I moved to California so they probably thought since I was out of state, they could screw me over. I waited about 37 days and called to ask about my deposit. They said that there were several things wrong with the apartment when I left and the things she named were the exact things I named on the paper I turned in when I moved in. She checked my file and said "oh yeah! They are listed. I'll show my manager." I called back 2 days later and apparently slmething new was wrong with it! Where the vinyl and carpet met, there was supposedly damage. No, there wasn't. Unless they went in there and damaged it after I left so they could have a reason to keep my deposit, which is exactly what i think they did. Not only did they refuse to give me my deposit, but they said I also owe $44 for the rest of that vinyl/carpet damage. I called their corporate office and she finally called me back today. They said the charge cannot be waived, so I dont get my deposit back and I owe $44. Needless to say I will not be paying them a dime. That place is nothing but low life crooks eh are out to get every penny they can. And the apartments are disgusting. I'm warning you, if you're thinking about moving into this apartment, save yourself the trouble and DONT DO IT.
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