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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Recommended
Reviewed 04/02/2011
Alot of these reviews are true. But, With the new Management you can see that they are trying to clean the place up. They are very hard workers and even take the time to get to know all the residents. I Have lived here for over a year. And honestly don't have time to look around and get up in everyone else business. Honestly it's not Tanglewoods fault that a kid feel out of the window that is just the parents fault for not watching the child. Its not Tanglwoods fault a child got beat to death thats the PARENTS its not there fault peoples neighbors drink. But I can personaly say that the new managers are trying to take care of the property and in just a year you can see what a wonderful job they are doing. Theses Managers have only been here since December of 2010 and are very hard working people. I know that if I had a problem it was fixed that day or that next day. The only thing they had to wait on was a ordor to ship in but that isn't fault that just means they are doing a great job of fixing everything instead of patching it and patching it. This complex is no diffrent then any other complex. There is always going to be drugs and there is always going to be a couple fighting. ITS CALLED THE REAL WORLD.... You guys always seem to point out the bad things but never point out the good in things. The reason I am writing this review is because very often do you see a good review you always read about how bad they are. People just need to get over themselves and stop trying to be spoiled and start being understanding. This is to David and Josh - The Maintenance Guys Brenda and Chelsea- The Office Girls
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