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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/09/2013
My husband put in a request to have the blinds replaced in our apartment, but for some reason they refused. I had to the property manager about the blinds sometime last year, and what he said to me is that if they replaced them it would cost us 30.00, out of our deposit that we had paid them, and that we could by some at Lowes, or something. I told him that what they charge is fine, and I asked him if they would please go ahead and replace them. They still refused. So after I called the Cooperate Manager, that is only when someone one did something, but actually what happened is the property Managers wife came knocking at my door and screamed " you called are cooperate office for some blinds, and then she handed them to me, and said that we had to move out on the 28th of this month! she is crazy! but I am glad to move out, because when it warms up around here, the creepy crawlies start to show up again, from spiders, and I'm talking about big ones of different species, roaches, and silver fishes. So to leave before that happens, brings me so much joy! She thought that what she said hurts my feelings but it didn't. It just showed how unprofessional she was. I hope that everyone who feels neglected by staff members in this place all do speak up! Then maybe they will grow up, or be replaced!
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