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Casa Loma Apartments



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lauravu • Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
Don't EVER move in there! I lived there for 1 year and it was a total nightmare. The manager was rude, insensitive, unhonest, and showed no respect. The contract was ridicuous! It could trap you easily! There was a small line in the 7-page contract that said "the contract will be extended automatically on a month-to-month basic and you have to give a one-month notice in WRITTEN FORM before you move out". I wanted to move out Aug 31st, and I gave them the written notice on Aug 1st, and they said it wasn't valid because I was supposed to give them the notice on July 31st or earlier! That was a total --------! I ended up paying for that -------- place and my new place. Ah one more thing, YOU WILL NOT GET ANY OF THE $400 DEPOSIT BACK! In the letter that they sent me, they said I got charged $320 for 2 iron burns on the kitchen floors! WTF? And I swear on my grandfather's grave that they were there when I moved in! They were just too small to notice! That was a cheap trick! So please save yourself money and energy by staying away from that place! And if you don't believe any word that I wrote, check it out for yourself! All the good reviews here are for sure written by there management team!
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Casa Loma Apartments

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