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Haven Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
these apartments are really nice, the maintence staff is excellent, but the office staff is horrible. i have such a long story, but ill have to sum it up. at the beginning, they were helpful and great, but they were also a whole different group of people. the staff has changed since then and ive only lived here for a year! my ex and i broke up and he moved out. i tried and tried to get his name off the lease and renew it in my name. nope. they gave me 5 different price quotes, told me 5 different ways to get his name off, none of which were the correct way. and i probably dealt with about 5 different people who told me all different things.they even told me stupid bs reasons why they told me different things. im still here for about another month because they wouldnt let me move out when MY LEASE WAS UP. im like stuck for another month. they argued with me and talked in a very condesending manner to me , just because im young, but most of those girls in the office are no more than 3 years older than i am. basically, the office staff is unorganized, rude, and not helpful. there were just unneccessary difficulites. the gate never works, and when it does, i cant even buzz my friends in, like im supposed to , (im paying for this luxury) because of some "computer difficulties" that never get fixed. the pool is okay, the gym area is okay, but not great, and the laundry room used to be perfect but has since went bad. the grounds are pretty, and as i said, the maintence staff is excellent. i dont have problems with my neighbors, but 4 of them from my building have moved to new apts. it is NOT safe place, the police are ALWAYS here and one night there were gunshots VERY close to me at 430 and 630 in the morning and the police were here TWICE that morning. i dont feel safe here at all. i also think the prices for the apartments are very overpriced for the apartment size. the new apartment im moving into is way bigger than this one and its only 425 a month compared to the regular price of this one which is 515 a month.
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Haven Apartments

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