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Knollwood Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
For 8 months the laundry room at 1609 has not been secure after the door was kicked in. 8 months and still not fixed. Even after having to have the cops remove 2 people who were squatting in the laundry room and management doesn't deem it important enough to fix the door. Now it is not only a place for homeless people to sleep in, but for all the drugged up junkies that Knollwood is now allowing to take over the complex to go and smoke pot and other things. The halls constantly smell of it, cigarettes being put out on the floor and management does nothing. The apartments are overloaded with people, ie, a one bedroom holding 2 adult couples and several kids. One holding 4 women and 3 kids. The noise is unbearable and still management does nothing. I have completely had it. Recently found out that there was a rape at the complex not to mention the dead body found in the park right next to complex, and they still do nothing to secure a building? And yet, feel they can charge more and more for rent every year, they say based on market value? You cant charge like you are a decent place to live when you don't fix anything, don't get rid of problems and run off all the decent people, DO NOT LIVE HERE, YOU WILL BE SORRY! The place is always disgustingly dirty. Liquor bottles thrown wherever the drunk drinking it happened to finish it. Trash everywhere and it literally smells of a mix of garbage, urine, smoke and drugs. What you would imagine a flop house would smell like, but expect to pay a premium for the privilege of being exposed to it all. The laundry room that they list as some kind of amenity is so gross, to wash laundry in there you feel like a shower is needed. The pics are of the laundry room, where another squatter has moved in an the nasty, disgusting way that it is all the time. They have known about this for months and have done nothing to remedy. Worst place to live in the North land! Also pictured is mold problem, because there is constant leaking. When you turn on the water the whole place sounds like its going to ripped apart because of the pipes rattling so much. When called to report a leak from the upstairs apartment to their so called 24 hour EMERGENCY maintenance, was told to go tell the neighbor to turn off the water and they would see about it on Monday - it was a Saturday and they didn't want to come fix it. That is typical. They also never bothered to come see the water damage. There are far better places, and the only thing that living here will give you are frustrations, safety issues, lack of privacy due to them coming in whenever they want to check on things like if you have candles, but never to actually hold up their end of things and fix the problems.
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Thank you for your feedback. Our staff works hard to make sure every resident has an enjoyable living experience here, and we apologize for any inconveniences or difficulties you've experienced. Please contact us, and we will work to resolve your situation. Thank you.

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