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Library Lofts



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Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/24/2012
I have been really unimpressed with their management team from day one. When I first moved in the oven smoked every time I turned it on. The same was for the stovetop. I opened a window to let some of the smoke out and when I came to close it the thing broke leaving about a foot of open space for the cold winter weather to come through. It was a couple of days before this was fixed after I called and said I had a broken window in the middle of winter. Noise isn't too much of a problem normally except in the morning. Their garbage trucks like to early in the morning during the week, sometimes around five in the morning. Today is Sunday and they were in during the seven o'clock hour. I have talked to management in the past about this but they are never able to take care of the problem. The best kicker is look at your contract and unit. If you are in a corner unit you are paying to heat/cool the hallway. Since all of the vents are exposed make sure none of yours lead out of the apartment. I didn't think to do this type of inspection beforehand and am paying for it now. During the rental process they made mention of it saying something like oh only a few of the unit have this set up. Well my unit is one of those few. Laundry: On each floor on the east side of the building there is one washer and two driers. One drier on my floor shuts down after 10-20 minutes in so you are really dealing with a one on one situation. If you live on the west side of the building there is a good chance you have single pane glass windows. Friends of mine have seen really high electric billings with minimal use of heat and air conditioning. Good things: -Location is great for downtown living -Parking is attached. -Price is competitive with others in the area -Good people in the building Final Thought There are other places downtown to spend your money that will not give you the headaches this one will. The walkthrough will go well but read other reviews about the trouble you get once you sign the lease.
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Library Lofts

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