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Quail Run Apartments and Duplexes



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2005
In the two years I lived at quail run, I never once slept through the night. I always felt there would be someone breaking into my apartment at 3am in the morning. When you take a look at the kind of people that they are renting to, you don't get the feeling that you are safe living there. My friend parked his car next to mine while he was out of town, and had a wheel stolen off of his 1988 toyota camry. When I spoke to the office staff about this instead of saying, "we'll call the security company and step up patrols, they were non-committal and referred me to the police. Thanks for your help superstars! <br><br>I had numerous water leaks during my stay at quail run. Most of these leaks were caused by faulty repairs of previous leaks. whoever repaired frozen pipes in the past simply melted brazing rod over the leak (while the water was still in the pipes). This poor workmanship resulted in hundreds of dollars of my personal property being damaged, not to mention the mold problem which was also created. At one point I found approximately 60 lbs. of mud and dirt under the bathroom tub - I was looking there because of another faulty repair to a previous leak. Unfortunately, the maintence department's answer was, "they must have just left that there when they built the place." My answer was to get on my hands and knees and haul it out over the course of a relaxing evening. Overall, however the maintenence department was prompt to my calls and polite. I never felt that they repaired a problem to the highest standards, only to buy a little more time out of a place that should be torn down. The quality of the appliances and fixtures is the lowest possible. <br><br>There is a problem with noisy stereos at all hours of the night, and numerous auto break-ins. My car was never broken into, but that doesn't mean I wasn't up every night worrying about it. Oh and then there's the neighbors that honk their horns at 4am to get their friends to come outside. I guess they don't have to work in the morning like some of us. <br><br>Snow removal is relatively prompt, however the landscaping company simply dumps all the snow from the street on the sidewalk for you to cross on the way from your car to your apartment. Additionally, there is a generous use of traction sand on the streets which finds its way into your apartment all winter, spring and summer long. I asked that this be removed but I don't think it ever was. <br><br>I had a bird die in my chimney at one point and maggots from the carcass crawled down and infested the carpet in front of my fireplace. The funny part was that no one seemed to believe me that it ever happened.<br><br>If you're a lowlife looking for a place to rent that's cheap, quail run is for you. If you consider yourself a professional looking for a quaility place to start a career, look elsewhere - you'll be happier.
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Quail Run Apartments and Duplexes

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