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The Ethans



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Office Staff
unimpressed123 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/21/2005
I moved into the Ethans a year ago, with the hopes of making it my home for the next few years. The grounds looked wonderful, & the office staff seemed friendly and helpful. Trust me when I tell you. It is all very deceiving. This past year has been the worst year of my life. I took an apartment on the 3rd floor (for security reasons) and have experienced MUTIPLE roof leaks! (one in the closet, one in the corner of my living room, and one in the bathroom) My ceiling in the bathroom has split open, exposing the woodwork and mold beneath. I reported these leaks in June. And have received nothing but a run around from the office staff. Believe me when I tell you,, there is NOTHING that you can do to make these people respond. You can send faxes, you can call, you can go talk to them face to face, there is always some excuse as to why your issue has not been resolved. (as of today my issues still have not been taken care of) I called to report a hole in my screen in March. It took them forever to come and look at it, & when they finally didthey took the screen and NEVER brought it back. (This too, I have reported to them multiple times, and guess what? Nothing) <br>Then there is the bug issue the place is overridden with silverfish. Dont bother with asking them to exterminate Youre better off doing it yourself And hey, if your like me, you may see a few dead roaches turn up in your assault. Absolutely horrible. The utility bills are EXTREMELY high! Water is outrageous!<br>Thank God that my lease is up next week, and amidst all of the packing and I have found 15 or so work orders that I have saved over the past year. FIFTEEN! Keep in mind that I have only lived there for 11 months. That right there tells you what type of shape that these apartments are in. Granted, maybe all of the apartments arent bad. But if you should happen to get a bad egg like I did. GOOD LUCK, because you are going to need it. Everyday will be like a battle eventually they will beat you down. You can bet your life that Im moving far, far away from this place. I just pity the person who gets my apartment next.<br>
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The Ethans

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