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The Lakes



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2007
When we first moved in last year, we had issues getting to the office in time to sign the lease by the 31st of October and no one would make an appointment with us despite the claim on the office hours sign, and the fact that I was 9 months pregnant and had a hard time getting around. But for the price and the area we didn't complain too much. So we ended up signing the lease a couple of days late, even though we had access to the apartment before that date. Well, we've found with the baby that an apartment just isn't enough space so when I notified the office of our intent to move they pulled out the lease and made us stay on the technicality that it was signed on the 2nd of September so we were obligated to stay for the month. We had to give up a really great opportunity in the town we've being trying to move to because of this. I feel like we're being extorted for another month's rent. Also our car was vandalized and I had some personal items stolen about 2 months ago. Our windshield was damaged pretty badly and we actually got a citation for the issue with the windshield. I called the office, and although the lady was sympathetic, I didn't feel that she was on top of the situation. She recomended that I contact the security company that patrols the complex. Isn't that her job, not mine? It would have been nice to get some small token of compensation for our trouble, even a "Sorry for your trouble" card or something since it happened on The Lakes property. Now I find that other's cars have been vandalised and I'm pretty angry. Being proactive on this type of issue, and maybe encouraging a neighborhood watch (since the security isn't worth anything) would have been nice. Maybe we could have caught this person(s) who are damging people's property. The maintence has been good for us though, no problems there.
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The Lakes

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