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The Township Apartment Homes I & II



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
We have had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS since moving into this apartment. Had to call maintenance on numerous occassions regarding the heat. Bedroom and bathroom have NO HEAT...and on 3 seperate occassions all maintenance told us was "there is nothing that can be done to fix the heat. it's the way the apartments were built". How can you tell a family, paying this much money per month, that there is nothing that can be done to fix the heat. To put this in perspective our heating bill was $175 for one month..and that is with a freezing bedroom and bathroom...which we couldn't even use! Our parent's house is 2 stories as well as a finished basement, and their heating bill for this particular month was $160! Tell me how that makes any sort of sense?? That makes me irrate! We checked the temp. in the bathroom and it was 52 degrees..when the thermostat in the apartment was set at 75 degrees. Our child room was 62 degrees!! How can they allow this to slide by when we are putting so much money into this dive!?!? I don't feel that the apartment complex should be allowed to get by with things like "not being able to fix the heat"...especially in the middle of winter! And don't bother calling Tower Properties because they are as bad as the management in the complex! They don't care about you period! And we were specifically told that they don't make decisions about tenants on their property. To make a long story short..this apartment complex is charging the tenants TOO MUCH MONEY...especially for not fixing ANYTHING that NEEDS to be fixed! As tenants it is our responsibility to PAY OUR RENT..and in return the maintenance is responsible for fixing the apartment when things go wrong..! However maintenance doesn't want to be bothered with anything! I think this should be a crime!! Literally. <br>And the maintenance DOES WALK IN...even when you scream at them to "hold on a second". I was in the middle of getting dressed, after just stepping out of the shower, and I screamed at them to "wait until I got dressed"...after screaming 3 times they eventually allowed themselves into my apartment..and all they had to say was "we couldn't hear you"...which I know is bull! The head maintenance man was VERY rude and belittled me..like I was some dumb woman that didn't know what she was talking about..when I had to again complain about our thermostat not working. He said "it says that it's 75 degrees in here..but I could feel that it wasn't. And my husband had put the air conditioning on a few days prior..and the temp NEVER changed..so we KNEW that it wasn't working. I argued with maintenance and repeatidly told them that it wasn't working..so finally he gave in and said "fine lets turn the temp up to 90 degrees..we will come back in an hour and then we will know that it is working". I was really shaken up over this whole ordeal so I left the apartment with my baby and called my husband from the car. I told him how they walked in on me getting dressed and how the guy belittled me. My husband called the leasing office..and they just blew him off, like it was no big deal. So then I waited about an hour and came back to the apartment, when I was sure they were gone. And guess what?!!? The thermostat had to be replaced because it WAS broken! Do not under any circumstances move into this apartment complex!!! THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY..THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE!! And as for the guy on here who says "email me and I will tell you how wonderful this place is..and be sure to mention my name to the apartment complex".. We are not stupid..obviously you get some kind of commission for reffering people to this complex..Next time maybe you should try to be a little less obvious!! <br>And if you "have" to move into this complex be sure to buy your own ice melt in the winter!! They don't care if you fall in the parking lot, sidewalk, walk way infront of your door..stairs, etc! They are too cheap to take care of any of that..so it's a "walk at your own risk" kind of situation here!
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The Township Apartment Homes I & II

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