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The Woods of Windrose Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 10/26/2005
As a Security Reason I will not release my name. I can say to you that I used to work for the management company. I have seen all of the reviews of past or current residents that have been posted here. As an ex employee I listen and do care about all of the problems. I did live on the property and I truly find that there was never any issues or problems. I mean let's face it, what property doesn't have issues. In my years in property management, there are some people you just can't satisfy. If you are so unhappy living where you are living specailly an apartment complex, perhaps you should think about moving into a house to better suite your needs. People have become so picky in the recent years concerning apartment living to the point it makes me sick and for that reason that is why I am no longer working in the business. I think the overall issues with apartment living as that people EXPECT 5 star living like you were living in Beverely Hills, CA. May I remind you this is Missouri. I just don't get you people. To the businesses who were complaining about getting paid, you of all people should know how a business works and when payable are turned in and when your going to get paid. Some compaines take longer than others, eventually you got your money. People over all just to just let people do their jobs. Yes Residents are a # 1 Priority and they keep the property going, but your not the only one that has issues. I have learned that Patience is not in the vocabulary for most Kansas Citians. Think before you speak or posting another hatefull message on here, just because your were unhappy because things were not fixed when you wanted then done, does not give you the right to slam Windrose in a derogatory way. As far as Employees, yes the apartment community in KC and other cities nationwide have issues keeping staff or changing staff often. But just remember Residents will always be a number one priority and I think Windrose is a prime example of showing that. Can't please everyone!
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The Woods of Windrose Creek

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