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Three Fountains



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ICULOOKN • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/01/2005
Althought its in a secluded neighborhood, the area looks nice, and it was quiet and I couldn't wait to go look and see how the inside of the apartments looked. But my visit was not very pleasant and nice. be wondering what went wrong....this place is Racist. when I stopped by to look at the apartments and I asked the leasee may I view the floorplan, and she handed me the hardcopy, and I was like no I would like to see it ....and she was like oh, and she looks at me as if I crawled from under a rock b/c of what I was wearing. I will admit I was having a bad day that day but who doesn't, that still doesn't give nobody the right to judge you. So she replies by saying I thought maybe you would like to see the prices for each floorplan first, and I again repeated may I see the apartments...and she said well lemme see here, looks like I would have had one to show one but they are still painting it and its a liablity to show you an apartment that isn't done yet, at this point I am standing there looking at her like, WHAT! Did I have the words stupid written across my face--she didn't want to show me the apartment since I LOOKED like I couldn't afford it. It took all I had to not snatch a knot in that heifer for discriminating me from looking at the property. So, I said thank you for your time and walked out the door, and on my way out she was walking out to her car. Well, imagine her surprise when she saw me unlock the doors of my 2005 Cream Lexius....and I caught a glimpse of the dumb look on her face and threw her a your-lost-not-mines look and got in my car and sped off. My plates say, "ICULOOKN" and I knew at that moment why I loved those words so much!<br>SO, I am glad I never moved in....three fountains are some racist Biatches!!!!<br>PS Then the young ------ eyes were so far apart looked like you could put a third nose of something on her face...she was ugly as hell.
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Three Fountains

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