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TimberLane Village Apartments

8803 Newton Avenue

Kansas City, MO 64138



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drifus • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2005
My wife and I decided on this place due to location to work and price. We arrived and office staff was nice and polite. We inquired about noise levels as we are very quiet people who enjoy quiet. We were assured that this is a quiet place to live. We were give a choice of 3 available units and picked the one we liked best. We then went through the application and from here it was all down hill. Whatever you write on that APP trust me they will call which for me took a lot of time since I work for a company that’s in Alaska and had just moved from IL. There is a <br>section on the "rules" 9a which is about noise levels and what is permitted and when. They also went over the fact that if we had a visitor for more than 72 hours that we need to let them know. Looking back I felt like I was being treat like a bottom-feeder. Trust me I am not, plus based on their salary requirement (3x rental price) I was way over qualified. So now its 2 weeks later and we are moving in which went well. Then I left on vacation with the wife got settled in and looking for work. This is where is goes more downhill.We ended up with a neighbor (who did move in before us) who believes that I need to hear her music whenever she wants to play it. So my wife goes over and asks that is be turned down a little. Well she was greeted <br>with attitude and expletives. So then she made a complaint by calling the complex security (a male showed up). They agreed that it was too loud and went over to the offending tenant, well they didn't answer the door there was nothing that they could do except file the complaint with the office. So a day goes by and it's not as noisy. Well then it started again and this time my wife just called security, a different person (a female) showed up and she also agreed with my wife that she could not sleep with this going on at 2:30 am. Again attempts to contact the <br>offending tenant were useless. So then the next day my wife goes to the office to complain and learns that there is a complaint about her "banging on the wall". My wife explains what has been going on and the office says they will deal with it. So from here it gets fuzzy as its hearsay. Well they come back with things like "she sleeps with the music on" and later it was "she leaves the stereo on to prevent someone from breaking in and stealing things". Well I can tell you from first hand experience you CAN NOT hear the stereo from the front door. So I told my wife to tell them when I get home I would not be as understanding at all, although I think my wife was holding her own quite well. So when she called them again this is the response she got "we will have it taken care of before your husband gets home". This angered me more, were BOTH on the lease why does it take me coming home for this to be resolved, it had been going on for almost 3 weeks by now. Well I was at the Grand Canyon when she told me this, so I made it home in 2 days (1300 miles pulling a camper). I got home and it happened again. So I pounded on the wall and they turned it up, so I continued to beat for about 3 minutes and it went back to a reasonable level but not enough to sleep. Well it happened again and the wife and I went over to the tenant and asked about the level be turned down, that it was her birthday and it would be nice to have a quiet night at home. Well eventually they obliged, besides the fact it was here birthday I think the fact that we told them we were moving out was the clincher as we didn't hear a peep for days. In the meantime we went to the office and told them that this is unacceptable, that their handling of the situation has not helped. Well they said that she has been a tenant for a long time. (Oh so seniority allows you be do what you want?) They offered me another apartment; I said NO that if I was going to pack a box after 1 month of being here it was going on a truck to another complex. Well then they tried to feed me the line of I am breaking my lease and that it would cost me $1100 . I then said that these people are breaking the rules that were impressed upon me and that if I was not released from my lease I would be calling the local FOX news station and talking to the Missouri Department of Housing. Well I was released from my lease, now to pack again and move out. Then about a week after that a guy <br>who lives there sometimes shows up for the first time in many weeks and again the music is unbearable. Again the wife goes over and is met with expletives from this young man (if you can call him that) and apparently our cat went on the roof and went to his balcony (we live on the third floor) and he said that if he saw the cat again he would throw it on the ground. You have to love this part of Missouri no wonder crime it like it is. Well I have to do a walkthrough at the end of this month (Oct) I will update if this site allows me to.<br><br>Well the walkthrough went well, they were quite pleased how we left the place and mentioned how bad most people leave it.<br><br><br>If you feel the need to live here do yourself a favor. Buy an airbed and take a weeks worth of clothes. Tell the Mgmt that you would like to be there 30 days to make sure the fit is good and go from there. I know all residents are not like what we had, it's a shame that Mgmt wouldn't enforce their policies.<br><br><br><br>
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TimberLane Village Apartments

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