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Vivion Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. The one good point is they will rent to ANYONE include convicted felons and sex offenders. I called about a sex offender living in the next building over from me and was basically told by the oh so crappy management that if I wanted this man out of the complex then I would need to provide them with all the necessary info. What the hell? Who works for the apartments, yeah not me. I was then informed that since the man had lived here previously they did not conduct a background check. Man I feel safe. In addition to the sex offender, there was someone SHOT, yes I said SHOT outside my apartment as a result of a botched robbery attempt. Can we say ------!!!! I have also had the incredible good fortune to have a drug dealer living directly across the hall from me that kept WONDERFUL business hours. He reminded you of a 7-11, open day and night. If this is not enough to keep you the hell away from this place, let me clue you in on another little incident. When my roommate and I move in someone else had their stuff in out storgage area so being good neighbors and not wanting to be responsible for the persons items we alerted the management of the complex. However, once again they screwed us by telling the person WE (my roommate and I) were the ones that removed his stuff from the storage area. Which is completly false. As a result of managements eagerness to place the blame elsewhere this man came knocking at our door wanting his belongings. What I way to meet a neighbor. I love having people think I am a raging thief. Let me sum this up for you all, unless you are a sex offender, drug dealer, or thief Vivon Oaks is probably not the place for you.
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Vivion Oaks Apartments

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