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Whispering Lake

10415 East 43rd Street

Kansas City, MO 64133



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Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/05/2005
I've had numerous of floods and leaks numerous of times in the same areas since I've lived here. The problems have been put off for years. I was promised a new door because it rains & snows through the too small, rusted-out ft. door. Lost property due to mold & mildew. Property was splattered w/ paint by maintenance trying to cover water stains. Retaliated against by maint. men for complaining! They TOWED my car/SPRAYED water & dirt in my apt/the tires on my car were tampered w/ & one tire was flatened by an object being proped under the tire/Came into my apt w/o permission & STOLE paperwork that I had filled out for the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION! Previously, in Aug. I had filed a complaint w/ the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE! They were going to tow my car again last week. I am intimidated and live in fear of the MAINTENANCE CREW! All of this happened within a 2 1/2 months period! Every other week I would experience something new. I complained to Capreit. Property Man. Leslie, hung up in my face! They did no investigation but luckily I had been taking pictures & documenting these problems over the years! They promise things in the contract they don't intend to honor so they have BREACHED everyones contract who rent a carport from them! In their contract they make you sign over your rights & hide behind the liability clause, even when it's their fault or when their workers intentionally try to harm you or your property! I'm seeking legal help now to recoup damages for my loss. Gates never work. Someone did run into it but that was in the winter and I'm sure they cashed the insurance check long before now, which is the fall. The gate has only worked maybe 30 days out of this year! Back gate has never worked, so it's 1 way in 1 way out. Fitness center set up w/ PROPS, nothing works. Pool stays cloudy & dirty. Lake stinks w/ sewage and trash. There are no boats. They woo you when you tour but remember there aren't as many amenities as they say which is false advertisement! Landscaping sucks. There are huge potholes everywhere. Poor snow removal within the community, when we live on a hill. Ant infestation, roaches & spiders are becoming a problem too. <br>Some of the problems have nothing to do w/ Section 8. It's a MANAGEMENT PROBLEM! If we don't report the problems to the right sources, there will never be a resolution for renters because we do have rights! WL is discriminatory in their ways. Why is it that some of our maint. problems are being resolved and some of us have to live w/ these problems for years. Then they retaliate by towing your car or doing other devious act to intimadate you! Once your on their bad side your apt needs will be neglected! I'm tired, afraid, and want out of my lease. I intend to follow thru w/ my complaints to the proper authorities to help the next person who has a problem here at Whispering Lake Apt.
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Whispering Lake

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