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Willow Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/07/2007
When I moved here I was told this was a safe complex with secondary street outlets that are gated after nine p.m., responsive security guards, and key access only main doors to the buildings. As I leaving a very unsafe complex, all of this sounded good and for the first few weeks this place seemed to live up to it. But...<br><br>Prostitution rings being run out of an apartment down the hall from me. Weapons deals and drug deals being done in the lobby and parking lot. A guy running a chop shop for stolen cars in the garage. A guy who wanted in the complex so badly he shot out the door. People propping the locked doors. One neighbor tried to physically assault me while drunk one night and the security guard REFUSED to come (I had to call 911, they responded quickly.) In fact, the security guard has invented reasons to come into my apartment on a number of occaisions, claiming that he smelled drugs. I told him that when he came back with the police and a search warrant he could come in. I suspect he's let himself in my apartment in my absence any way.<br><br>Oh and even better...a package was delivered for me to the office but they never notified me. I finally walked over and demanded my package, armed with a copy of the signature slip from the shipping company. I had to wait a day and then when it was given to me, it had clearly been opened and USED. Someone over there is stealing things, I'm sure of it.<br><br>Charged bogus fees by management, harassed by the security guard, nearly attacked by shady neighbors....I will definitely be leaving here at the end of my lease.
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Willow Creek Apartments

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