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Summit Ridge

701 Northeast Tudor Road

Lee's Summit, MO 64086



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
I lived at the AMLI apartments in Lee's Summit for 1 1/2 years. For the most part I had a great experience, that's why I would recommend it to you if you are looking for luxury living. The office staff was wonderful and always very helpful to me.<br><br>I had one complaint about the garbage disposal leaking. The repairman came in but didn't find a leak, although it was obvious since I didn't clean the water stain on the cabinet floor so he could see it. The second time I called they came to fix it again but it continued to leak. I didn't bother to call after that.<br>The noise level is bothersome. I lived on the second level and could hear the gentleman above me clear his sinuses every morning and going to the bathroom. I also deducted they must be newlyweds!<br><br>I moved out in May of 05. I received a call from JoLynn stating that she had just receieved notification from the corporate office that I was arears for my November 2004 rent! JoLynn went on to say that she had it logged that I paid the November rent on October 24, 2004 and gave me the check number that I paid it with. For whatever reason, the corporate office did not send my check through my bank and to this day I have no idea where that check is.<br>JoLynn said she would contact the corporate office for me to get more information on this matter. When I did not hear back from her I called again and spoke to Judy. Judy stated she did not understand what happened either. I called one more time to speak to JoLynn. She said she had called and emailed the corporate office but had not heard back from them yet. <br>I received a letter in the mail from a collection agency stating I had 10 days to pay in full or they would take this matter to court. The amount was $90.00 above the amount of my original rent and I did not receive my deposit back. <br>Your water and trash bill is built into your rent monthly. How were those paid and yet my rent was in arears?<br>This debacle made it appear as if I was derelict in paying my rent. In fact, I was always EARLY with my rent and all my other obligations. <br>This is very dissapointing and disturbing to me that a major corporation can LOSE a check for rent and then come back to sue for their negligence. I have never heard from AMLI with an explaination nor an apology from the corporate office for their mistake.<br>My advice to anyone is to watch the record keeping at AMLI.
Summit Ridge Manager01/02/2017

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Summit Ridge

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