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Westport Station

11155 Westport Station Drive

Maryland Heights, MO 63043



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
The one thing that stood out from the rest of the apartments I viewed was the price. I pay $625 for a 2bd, 1ba apartment with Washer and Dryer, however, my apartment is not renovated. I had no issues with my apartment other than the obvious with an old building, up until the last 4 months. I had a smell in my apartment that would not go away, I noticed the smell in January. I notified the leasing office in the beginning of February of a smell in my apartment that was horrific, if you stood in the dining room of my apartment the smell got stronger. I'm a very clean person, so I knew that it could not had been anything I had in the apartment because I have a dining room table in the apartment that I don't sit at. I told the leasing office I thought it might have been coming from the attic because I live on the 3rd floor. They had maintenance come to check out the attic and maintenance said they found a couple of dead baby chicks that had died and were enclosed in the attic when they put up the new siding. They removed the baby chicks, but the smell did not go away. I notified the leasing office again to let them know that the smell was still there and had not gone away. I didn't think baby chicks would smell that bad. The Leasing office contacted Pest control who checked the apartment and they could not find anything, so I had the leasing office call pest control back out to the apartment while I was here. When the pest control came to check the apartment he said the smell was as if it were a dead mouse in the apartment, but he couldn't find anything. I asked the leasing office what we could do and the only thing they suggested was me move to another apartment, my lease ends in June. I asked them did they plan on hiring someone to move my things and they said no. I asked them why couldn't I get out of my leasing contract because I have been living with this smell for the past 4 months and it is making me sick. They said that the did not think the Property management company would allow me to break my contract. I suggested that I speak with the property management company myself to explain the situation because I am the one living in the smell and the leasing office can not justify why my apartment smelled this way. I can not invite guest over for dinner because the smell is so horrific and it will literally make you want to throw up. I do not recommend this apartment to anyone that is clean, pays their bills on time and wants a decent apartment complex that is willing to accommodate you when there are issues like this. Parking - terrible because of the contruction, there are storage containers all over the parking lot taking up approximately 5 parking slots per container. They were placed here back in July. I moved here in June and they are still here in April. Noise - I have very considerate neighbors, my building is not noisy at all Grounds - nothing special. If they would remove the storage containers it would build up the appearance. Also, there are a lot of put holes in the parking lot as well. Safety - I haven't had any problems or heard of any problems Construction - Built Well Maintenance - responds in a timely manner. I have not had any problems when they have come to fix something, it is usually fixed. Staff - I have not had any problems with staff other than the smell issue. I felt they could have better accommodated me in this situation. I felt that because they were not living in it themselves they could care less if I moved or not Overall - Nothing Special
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Westport Station

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