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Casalon Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
My husband and moved into this complex in May 2006, and things were fine at first. However, I have really come to hate living here. Maintenance takes FOREVER, my dishwasher broke, after 2 weeks they "fixed" it, it broke again so I got a new one...and a gigantic rip in the kitchen tile from them dragging the old one out. Then the broken dishwasher sat in the grass out front for 2 weeks. Then, an entire light fixture came down, and it took them 3 weeks to fix that (It had never even been screwed into the ceiling, they painted around it to make it stick... Our A/C broke twice and we never have any hot water to shower with. <br>Then there's the neighbors. Most are nice, the rest are TRASH. I hate them. And no o ne knows how to park...not to mention the broken down cars covered with tarps sitting out there. Elephants live upstairs. People upstairs never cleaned up their dog's gigantic "Monsters" that were in the grass outside my door and on the SIDEWALK! People mess with your laundry. Management is not the best, we were lied to about storage for 4 months, we still don't have any- which is supposed to be included in our rent & not seeing any reimbursement. <br><br>It's not worth it. I am so happy to be moving, most of the time I just look around and want to start crying.
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Casalon Apartments

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