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Enclave at Winghaven

1000 Applerock Drive

O'Fallon, MO 63366



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Office Staff
gullm92 • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
I've lived here for nearly a year now and I read this crap on here before and as I read it now and just laugh. Basically stated, these are apartments. This isn't a five star hotel nor a resort and it's never going to be. It's communal living. If you don't like noise, occasional stains on your carpet, or property managers...friggin move to a house. There is no sense in bitching about something you can completely control. <br>I admit there are some things I don't care for or that I wish were different but I've lived in about five different communities over ten years and this is by and by far the best one I've lived in. <br>I've had zero problems with maintenence, little to no problems with the office staff, and I used spot shot on my carpet to remove poop stains.....all by myself. <br><br>To those that may be looking at the Enclave I will tell you this. If you are super picky and ---- retentive, you seriously need to stop looking at apartments all together. You will NOT find what you are looking for. The office staff here will help you with what they can if you act like an adult. This is the quietest apartment home community I've lived in by a long shot. Some of the buildings could use some maintenance but it has recently changed hands and I'm willing to give the new ownership the chance to right a few things. Most of the residents are nice and considerate with the exception of the choice few who complain and don't leave their names. My advice to you is treat people the way you wish to be treated and with any apartment community don't expect the staff to go to red alert if a bird poops on your deck. Get off your --- and clean it yourself. We're all adults here and this IS an apartment community not a five star hotel. The staff won't bring you fresh towels in the morning because you expect it. The price is fair considering where the Enclave is located so if someone complains about the price they should have done the math before they moved in. <br>And yes, I'm a resident in building #11 and I'm pleased with the Enclave. <br>The best advice is to do your homework. Figure out your budget, what you are getting into, and ask questions,questions questions. Run from any place that doesn't give you straight answers. If you aren't intelligent enough to do that, well, the apartment community can't fix stupid.
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Enclave at Winghaven

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