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Hunters Ridge

5625 Hunters Valley Court

Oakville, MO 63129



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/15/2002
Thank God I only signed a 7 month lease!!!! <br>It all began the day I moved in. The apartment was filthy dirty. Literally- dirt clots were in one of the bath tubs, there was a huge pet urine stain on the LR carpet and I had to come in here and scrub EVERYTHING! The floors were ripped, the ceilings were water stained and saggy. Had to have dishwasher replaced. Didn´t take long to find out that there´s virtually NO FREAKIN HOT WATER. Thats even after the heating element had been replaced! I have to rinse the conditioner out of my hair with freezing cold water. Then, the apt is always so damn cold. Heating bill is over $100 every month because they are not energy efficient. Microwave and stove barely work. The walls had been spackled, but not sanded or painted. Within two months, we had numerous leaks in the kitchen and in one of the bathrooms. Then, our hall closet and our front door leaked every time it rained!! <br>We have called maintainence several times and he has attemted to correct these issues, but to no avail. Came home this afternoon, (it was raining) after having a horrible, no good, rotten day, to find my kitchen flooded!!! It was leaking from two different places! One of the leaks was coming through the florescent light -- talk about fire hazards. I can say with out a doubt that this particular apartment would never pass inspection. I hate this place. These apartments are only 14 yrs old and they are so run-down. They have NOT been maintained over the years. We went our first four months with NO CABLE!!! Not just my at, but my whole building. The wiring inside the apartments needed to be replaced and it took months to that.Premium prices for substandard apartments. My one piece of advice is, find out who built these apts, and DONT buy house from them. Cheap, shoddy quality--- brown trailer park doors. UGLY. NOT UPDATED or maintained
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Hunters Ridge

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