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Williamsburg Plaza



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2005
*very quiet - little noise at all, no problems at all with noise from neighbors<br><br>*safe environment - you can go out at night without having some nut mess with you<br><br>*clean - well kept grounds<br><br>*new complex - the appliances are great, brand new, not torn up like the dumps your rent further in the city and pay alot more for, the air conditioner unit just blasts the cold air like an arctic breeze, perfect for those hot summer months<br><br>*workout room is excellent, pool is very nice<br><br>*the mgmt staff personally escorted the exterminators to each apt. which was nice<br><br>*parking - was great when I first moved here, but after the neighbors started moving in their "extras" you were screwed if you pulled in after 10pm. It would be nice if they would do asigned parking so if the extras vehicles are there when you get home you can have them towed. They have overflow parking but the extras just keep on blocking up the spaces in front of the buildings. Compared to other places I have lived its not too bad, just could use a little work.<br><br>I wouldn't put to much into what these others have said about this place. There are no drug dealers here, trust me...I would know. No one stands out in the walkways and makes noise all night. And if the staff are gettin a little on the side, more power to 'em. There are alot of lonely souls up in this place. LOL <br><br>So I would recommend this place to anyone. Hope they don't raise the rent, I'd like to stay another year before I move onto a house.<br><br>
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Williamsburg Plaza

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