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Chapel Ridge of St. Joseph



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Office Staff
Prospective Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/01/2012
My boyfriend and I were referred here and went to look at a one bedroom property. We decided we wanted it so we started the process, application, deposit and background check. We are both working adults who have had the same job for over 4 years now, me being a preschool teacher. A week later the manager called a said we were denied because of my boyfriends criminal background..., both of us very confused and eager to know why they are saying he has a criminal record. I called the next morning expecting her to help and get this mess cleared up and on with our way. I informed her that there is someone else in our area with the same first and last name and seems to always be mixed up with my boyfriend. I told her you can look on case.net and see there are two with that name but different middle names. She basically treats me as I'd I'm lying or don't know my boyfriend after eve been together for seven years and that the screening company verifies with the courthouse. She shows me three charges and even looked up on case.net while I was in her office and seen for herself that there are two names but with different middle names, and the guy is incarcerated for four years as of 2010!, but still acts as if I'm lying even though she has a copy of his drivers licenses to verify the correct name. My boyfriend went to the courthouse to make sure nothing criminal shows up on his record and nothing did. They also said that the screening company can not call to verify social security numbers because they can't give out that info. It's very hurtful that our first time renting we are denied because of something untrue when we had correct info on the application and chapel ridge can not take the time to see that they made a mistake or check with the screening company. Screening reports.com. If your name is similar to anyone else you may be denied because of idiots that manage the place.
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Chapel Ridge of St. Joseph

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