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Cottonwood Creek



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Hood06 • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
I applied for the apartment in April of 2004 but was not scheduled to move in until mid June. So with it taking so long to get me the size apartment I wanted, I figured that everuthing would at least be in a good condition. Much to my instant suprise things started off wrong and kept going down hill over then next two years.<br>Before I even started walked into my apartment I hd to go back to put in a repair request for my front door. It looked like someone had just broke into the apartment. Not only was the door fractured at the handle but the frame of the doorway was a mess. The office manager Sandy was out at the time so they said she would contact me about the problem. They never did so I kept complaining. After 3 weeks I finally got to talk to Sandy. She knew about the problem and felt it was not an important issue. She said my car would most likely be stolen before anyone would break into my apartment. Then she continued by telling me that in the requests for maintenace were backed up and it would be at least a month before anyone could do anything to my door.<br>The broken door problem lasted until September when I finally had to ask for the apartment owners address and number. Sandy said I was taking it to far by asking for that information and that it was not something they needed to worry about. She refused to give me the address or number, but the next morning some how maintenace had some open time when they could fix my door. <br><br>That was not the last of my problems with them. And not even the biggest. If it had the perfect location between my jobs I would not have stayed as long as I did. The one good thing I can say for my experience is that now I know how to make sure things get done quickly and correctly.
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Cottonwood Creek

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