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Canyon Creek Apartments

4851 Lemay Ferry Road

Saint Louis, MO 63129



Resident · 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I should have known when I moved in and the couple below us had flooding issues that this place wasn't where we should have moved. Oh well, here goes my issues: Okay I have to say it's usually quiet here, minus the idiots below us who like to slam their sliding door shut and have dogs that sometimes bark (it's not bad though) because it doesn't happen when I sleep. I'm a light sleeper. I think parking is okay, sometimes it's terribly crowded and some cars sit there for weeks not moving. In certain locations, it's not nearly as bad. I just moved in at the beginning of spring and have had many issues. First, pigeons are a major issue here. They're everywhere and poop is all over the staircase railings, the floors, walkways, etc. Second, the grass gets really long and is obviously not being well kept. It's gross. I have called maintenance to fix my sliding door because it doesn't shut correctly. We've had multiple wasps coming inside during summer. They never came. I've asked them to fix my closet door because it was broken. The guy looked at it and moved it side to side (it's a sliding door too) and then left without fixing it. Our water hookups for our washer dryer leak at the nobs for hot and cold water. It never got fixed. They also never gave me a copy of things we made a list of, of what was wrong when we first moved in so we don't get charged at the end of our lease. On to what really made me angry. I'm getting a dog next weekend so a week ago I called the office to double check the pet policy. They asked me about the breed I'd be getting and when I'd be getting it. Since I didn't know an exact day, I told them in a week or two. Today, I come home from work with a note on my door saying I'm violating the lease terms with having an unregistered pet on my premises. I went up there and asked them why I had this note. Just so you know, I have never had a dog in my apartment before. The lady I spoke to told me that a neighbor supposedly saw us with the same breed of dog I'm getting next weekend. I told them I had never had a dog but I'd be getting one next weekend. She asked if I had any friends pets over at all and then when I said no, continued to accuse me of lying about it. So on top of this, I was already planning to pay a 300$ pet deposit, plus an extra $20 pet rent starting in a week, but after being called a liar, I'm just considering finding another place to live. Their office ladies are rude, the maintenance never gets anything done, and the appliances are hideously outdated. It's not worth all the BS, go somewhere else!
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Canyon Creek Apartments

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